I changed my mind

Dear Diary,
What am I doing? I’m kinda freaking out. It’s all hitting me at once, that I decided to uproot my whole life on a whim because of a video I saw on YouTube. Did I really just do that? Ok, OMG!
On top of all this, there is this virus going around that has everyone buying all the toilet paper in the world… so am I going to have the shits? Is there something I don’t know about?
(well obviously the answer is yes, because wtf)
I can’t have the shits while I’m in my car. That would be the worst! Hahaha!
Anyway, I’m just thinking out loud. I am probably going to cancel breaking my lease. I just didn’t really think this out or plan anything. Though that’s normally the way I operate, I just feel like something of this magnitude, should be a little more thought out.
However, I’m not giving up… just postponing it a bit to see how this virus pans out, and to formulate a plan to get my van. I think…

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