I don’t want to keep anything

Dear Diary,
I’m right in the thick of packing, and I think this is all so stupid! There’s literally no point in me packing anything, and I’m done with this shit. Done with this baggage. I just want to get rid of it all!
There’s something about being emotionally ready to shed your stuff. That’s something I want to touch on for a little bit. Over the years, we collect all these things. These things that, serve no purpose to us. They’re all clutter. Not just clutter in our homes, but emotional clutter as well. Look around in your room, your kitchen, your storage! How many of these items that you posses, were given to you by an ex? Or a friend that you no longer talk to? Or a family member that you aren’t particularly close to? Or something you got for free at a festival? You don’t use it… it just sits there, because you think one day, you will need it. Or one day you’ll see so-and-so, and they’ll ask you where xyz is. It never happens.

This is emotional clutter that you’re living in on a daily basis, without even knowing it. And I am guilty of this. I keep one item from every ex that has ever given me something. I have an Iverson jersey that I’ve kept from my boyfriend back in the 9th grade. Y’all… the fucking 9th grade?!? Fuckin’ Iverson?!?!
All of this emotional clutter that I have in a pile in front of me are saying “Give us, us free” like Djimon Hounsou in Amistad.

Today is the day, that I clear this emotional clutter that I’m holding on to. As I place these items in the donation box, I say a simple affirmation, “Today, I will place you in a box, send it off, and afterwards, I will be fine. I will still hold the memories of what you bring to me, I will just remember them without you. I am free of your emotional clutter”.
And so it shall be…

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