About me

Ah, where do I start?
I’m just your not-so-average Pisces, following my dreams of happiness.
I’ve been a wanderer my whole life, but because of becoming a mom at such a young age, I had to plant roots. And that, I didn’t do well.



We moved every 1-2 years, which was fun for me. New scenery, new view, new home… it was oddly very comforting for me to move every year.
Our longest living stint was in a beautiful corner unit in a Midtown high rise with wall to wall floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the city, with bits of a tree canopy. I loved it, but it didn’t feel like home

The unknown of the wild felt like home, which always called out to me. The call got louder and louder the older my daughter got, and finally I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. I had to break free from the boring daily routine of going to work and going to bed. It was a slow death. I just didn’t know what to do, where to go, and how I could make it happen, until I was on YouTube looking up something for work, then suddenly, there it was.
“Solo Female Van Tour”, it said. A lone woman, living in her van, traveling about where ever she wanted… and I knew right away that was it for me. The next day, I went to the leasing office, I broke my lease and moved out!

My sister offered to help with my daughter (many many times over the years), and I finally gave in and let her do it. I needed to figure out what this calling meant for me, and why I struggled with settling down. So I took a leap, and jumped right into VanLife!

And now I’ve been living in my car since March 13th 2020!! And let me tell you, it’s been a ride, literally! So here I am, wandering these streets, in the great outdoors, minding my business, dippin’ and dodgin’ Corona and Karens at the same damn time, trying not to have a run in with the police or burglars, all while trying to follow my happiness.
Life is sooo good!!

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