COVID reaches Georgia

Dear Diary,

Alright, so it’s here, loud and clear. COVID-19 gets its first Atl resident. I’m a little nervous about what’s happening, and just not sure what to think. I’m already dodging the flu and allergies at all costs, (which is a generally normal thing for me on a regular basis, lol) so I feel like it’s just another thing to add on my list. I’m not a germaphobe, but I definitely am not trying to get sick.

And by the way, my apartment has already been leased by someone else, so I can not stay here. Instead, I’ll just find somewhere else to go, maybe even bunk with someone who is looking for a roommate, so that I can get more time to plan out my #VanLife adventures.
Also, my daughter’s school has just closed down for students to finish the year with online/virtual classes. Shit is getting real!

I’m a little overwhelmed. No, I’m a lot, I’m a lot. Much too much going on at one time, and I’m trying to keep my composure. I need a pause button, and a moment to catch my breath.

Yo, I wish a muthafucka would sneeze on me like dude in my cover photo. I’d karate chop the shit out of his ass! Like, Hiiiiyyaa!

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