Heart For Sale… a poem

Heart for sale, heart for sale!
Does anyone need a spare?
Anyone need to love or care?
Is anyone in despair?
If so, come hither cause I have the heart for you.
Tho it has been broken a time or two,
it’s in great condition for someone new.
This heart pumps passion deep into your veins.
It will make you want to grab love by the reins
and yell insane the name of your main.
This heart is pure and seeks the real solely.
This heart is solely for lovers only.
And solely for the lovers who are lonely.
This heart will make you fight for what you need,
when its love you bleed,
or when love is your greed.
This heart…
This heart is smart.
This heart can tear the fake apart.
Love lockdown? This heart is the cure.
Sick and tired? You need this for sure.
Skeptical? This heart is 100% pure.
This heart can knock down any wall.
Ready to commit and deeply fall
in-love with any and all
with a burning desire to please.
This heart can do it all with ease.
Get you down on one knee.
And so you may ask, “If this heart is so rare,
why would you sell it, why would you dare?
Why would you let your insides be bare?”
The explanation is simply bittersweet
I have so much love but no one to treat
No one to walk hand in hand or feet by feet
No eyes that I can stare through.
No ears that I can whisper into.
So I’m willing to pass it on to you.
Heart for sale, heart for sale!
Does anyone need a spare?


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