Where is my passenger?

Dear Diary,
Sorry for the delay… it’s been a lot, but it’s been all good!
I have been living my best life and meeting other wanderers, staying busy, and surviving.

Now that I’ve gotten through the biggest hurtle of transitioning, things (for the most part) are settling. A few bumps here and there, but I’ve been way to busy to worry about them. Most of my busy is from finally putting together this website/blog… not too shabby, yeah? Like it?

Alright… so now that I’ve gotten past the worst of my transition, I think… I feel like… I may… be ready… to… possibly… consider… thinking about the idea of… trying to… date. I’ve been single for 3 years, and to be honest, I love being single! However, I’m experiencing so much out here, and learning more about myself, I would enjoy sharing these moments with someone. But uh… how do you date and live in a car? I suppose having a van would be different, because I’d have an actual sitting area, kitchen, and all that… but… hmm.
First thing first, I am not at all embarrassed about being in my car, so telling them isn’t the issue, I just don’t know how to do it. I think I need to find my tribe? Other people that live in their car? Nah, I don’t think I could date someone else in their car. Maybe I can, I just don’t think I want to. I like being different and dating people that has never dated anyone like me, rather than dating someone like me. I enjoy watching someone experience me, because I’m an experience πŸ™‚

Anyway… so where is my passenger?
I want to start slow and just meet someone I vibe with, chemistry, conversation, sense of humor, foodie willing to eat anything, open minded, free spirit, and a nature lover. Seems like it would be an easy thing to come across, no?
Well… let’s find out!


  1. Girl if you want a bestie, IM YA GIRL!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ€— I’m so damn inspired by your life it’s like reading a book but this is real life happening 🀩 I’m literally going to start writing down my vision of how to get to your status…. I’ve always been different beneath the soil trying to find my normalcy in this world but realizing I don’t truly fit in… reading your story has opened me up to pure joy!!!

  2. Love your vibe, energy and admire your pursuit!! If are ever in Wisconsin, let me know!! Would love to connect πŸͺ΄

  3. If you did date someone while you were out on the road, how often would you plan on seeing them?

  4. Excuse me ma’am, is this seat taken? πŸ˜‡πŸ˜œπŸ•Ί Kidding I came across your reels on FB and honestly I’ve been tuned in ever since. You lead an extraordinary life. Bold doesn’t even begin to describe you. If there was ever any person I’d like to meet it would definitely be you. Sure you get plenty of messages random calls and texts and I hope this message finds you. Not just fall by the wayside and I hope it finds you in great health, peace and prosperity.

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