Wide open spaces

Dear Diary,
The other day, I decided to go camping. And just like that, The Universe blessed me with an awesome camping gear bundle on CL! New tent, new grill, new cooking supplies, new axe, new tarp, new everything for only 60 bucks! I’ve got my car packed and now I’m heading up to this really cool camp spot up in the mountains that’s directly on a river. I can’t wait to get there. It’s about 1.5 hours away, I’ve got my playlist ready, and I’m ready!
Will update you in a few.
Omg… I’m here, this is so cool!!! Just to be out in the wild, the unknown, open spaces soothes my soul. The river is so loud, I can’t wait to sleep to the sounds of the water crashing down stream. So peaceful.
I’ve just parked and I feel like I have the best spot.
Already, I feel a big shift, my spirit has been awakened. This is where I’m meant to be at this very moment.
Ok, I’m gonna go bask in the sun and be present in the moment.

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