Professional Housewife

Introducing myself –
who I am, what I do, and where I Am.

For over 15 years, I’ve worked in private homes and estates in the Atlanta area, providing a wide range of services for affluent families in need of a go-getter that can turn their chaotic jungle of a home, into a peaceful palace.

I’m well versed in:

Home / estate management

After surgery care

Personal assistance



Organizing / decluttering

Pet care

Running errands


Grocery shopping

Event planning

Schedule management

Schedule vendors

Car maintenance

Interior design

Most recent positions

Home manager / Organizer
(July 2019 – Current)
Affluent gay couple in their Midtown/Atlanta high rise penthouse part time. Walking their 3 dogs (Great Dane, Schnauzer, and mix hound), daily organizing projects of the kitchen and closets, scheduling vendors for maintenance, and setting up the home for weekly dinner parties.

Housekeeper / Estate assistant / Organizer / Cook
(Oct 2017 – Current)
Part time position with a high profile family in Buckhead/Atlanta and their 15,000+sqft home. Making lists of household items and groceries to be restocked, pick up daughter from classes, organizing projects (closets, pantry, cabinets, etc), cooking dinners, keeping the home tidy and clean.

Cook / Nanny / Estate manager
(Mar 2014 –  Sept 2017)
Elite Buckhead/Atlanta family with 2 children and 2 dogs. Starting the day with making sure the children were ready for preschool/school, carpool, preparing all meals for the family, running errands, and restocking household items and groceries, maintaining schedules for parents, booking doctor appointments, taking pets to the vet, taking cars in to be serviced, bill pay, and setting up the home for gatherings and dinner parties.

Cook / Nanny
(Aug 2010 –  Aug 2014)
Atlanta family with 1 child and 2 cats. Started when their daughter was 5 months old, and stayed until she was 4yrs old. Organized play dates, cooked all of her meals, potty training, numbers/colors, outings to parks and museums.