Dating & Relationship Coaching

Ok listen, I get it… dating isn’t always fun and maintaining a healthy relationship is hard work.
We’ve all been at that moment when we’ve said, “I’m over it. I’m done.” but 2 days later you’re right back at it. Why? Because deep down, we all want love. Yes, it’s true… no ordinary love, big love, love and happiness, temporary love, be alone together, the sweetest thing, feelings, sure thing, by your side, so into you, love hangover (these are all titles to songs, but re-read them and feel the words do something to you), because that’s the way love goes…

So allow me to be your facilitator of love! I’m a dating and relationships coach, certified through an ICF program, and I’d love nothing more than to guide you through your quest on finding love. Especially finding love within yourself, so that others can too.

Dating Coaching
Let’s keep it real, this is probably where you’re fuckin’ up.
Let’s get together and go over your techniques, communication skills, spruce up your dating profiles, and talk about what areas you need to improve on.
Do you need to learn how to approach someone you’re attracted to?
There’s nothing more fulfilling than to see my clients blossom into confident daters!

Couples Mediation / Relationship coaching
Are you and your person stuck in a rut?
Do you need an unbiased person to hear both sides? That’s what I’m here for!
If you two have lost your way, and just need a nudge in the right direction, I will guide you to get your relationship back on track.